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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Powertek Utilities we are proud to run a business model that incorporates all essential elements of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We give all our employees and trainees the very highest standard of in-house training and employment options, our dedication to our CSR model having an extremely positive knock-on effect both socially as well as on the environment.

We are fully committed to responsible business practices, providing an excellent work environment for all our employees, our business model having allowed us to keep a safety record that is entirely unblemished.


Here at Powertek Utilities we strive to ensure that all our employees are allowed to flourish and develop within an excellent working environment. We take our staff training to the highest level of responsibility, ensuring that adequate training is given to all new and existing staff members, and that newly qualified members of our team are always fully supervised during their integration period in the company.

All our members of staff are employed as PAYE employees, National Insurance contributions being kept up to date through monthly tax deductions payments. All staff members working for us here at Powertek Utilities are employed by our company, and have been properly trained and supervised by us. We do not believe in the practice of employing self-employed individuals, our business model ensuring that we undertake full responsibility for the training and subsequent qualification of our workforce.

As our entire workforce here at Powertek Utilities are employed by the company itself, we are able to ensure fair employment practices and fair treatment of all our employees. We believe in the benefits of employment that our staff can gain from a career with us, and we seek to fight against prejudice in the workplace. All our members of staff are given equal training and employment opportunities, and through the implementation of regular assessments and training our employees can continually better themselves and their individual skills.

Through skill development, our staff can realise and achieve their own potential, finding a fulfilling career with Powertek Utilities that will be financially secure within a safe working environment. The welfare of our staff, their safety, and their health are our utmost priority, and we are continuously seeking methods by which we can further improve our business model.

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

Powertek Utilities will not itself deal in or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking and will at all times work in accordance with The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and also by ensuring due diligence processes in the Company’s supplier approval process with the controls in place subject to continual review and monitoring.

The Company will ensure that all employees are made aware of this policy and required to report any incidences of suspected modern slavery or human trafficking that they become aware of internally or within the supply chain.

Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI)

Powertek Utilities recognise the potential and risk for CFSI in the supply chain and we have implemented measures to mitigate against CFSI in our supply chain. We take steps to ensure that our business partners share our ethical stance, and by ensuring the due diligence processes in the Company’s supplier approval process and also with the controls in place subject to continual review and monitoring.

The Company will ensure that all employees are made aware of this policy and are required to report any incidences of suspected CFSI that they become aware of internally or within the supply chain.


Powertek Utilities are continuously working hard to ensure our business model delivers the very highest performance to our customers, whilst paying the utmost levels of attention to the environment. Through constant revisions of our business practices, we are able to continuously make improvements to our business model that are beneficial to both the society as well as the environment.

In order to ensure that we are constantly improving our environmental performance, here at Powertek Utilities we use a systematic approach by which we can identity, measure, and manage areas where improvements can be made. We have set ourselves long term goals that are realistic and achievable, and by documenting our strategies, we are able to see both the short term as well as long term effect our business decisions are having on the environment.

It is our work ethic to provide sustainable solutions to our customers that are innovative, and that will minimise the use of natural resources wherever possible. We do not accept any unnecessary impact on natural resources that is harmful to the environment, and we believe that a business model which is 100% environmentally friendly is attainable and well within our reach in the near future. Our systematic approach is both feasible and attainable, and through the constant implementation of changes to our business approach, we believe that our company provides the highest quality services, with the lowest possible impact on the infrastructure of our planet.

Our innovation programme allows for the delivery of more sustainable solutions, and by offering our customer’s services that uses minimal natural resources, we are proud to say that our company is undertaking everything within its power to help the environment. We realise the environmental concerns that are correlated with our work, and by taking the necessary steps to identify areas where improvements can be made, and by implementing necessary changes, we believe that we are entirely fulfilling our responsibility to the environment.

Sustainable Procurement

We pride ourselves on our sustainable procurement policy, working to maximize not only our private cost benefits, but to provide net benefits to our customers and to all companies within our supply chain. By actively collaborating and engaging with all our suppliers, we are able to operate triple bottom line quality consideration, paying attention and detail to social, economic, and environmental factors.

Our cost considerations are far superior to conventional procurement, incorporating extrinsic cost considerations into our price and quality criteria. We thrive on the fact that our supply chain is beneficial to all parties concerned, as well as being entirely ethical. This approach extends not only to our suppliers, but also to our workforce and customers. We believe in delivering a service that is beneficial to everyone concerned, whilst providing a healthy working environment for every single member of our workforce.

Through the careful development of techniques and tools, we have adopted a broader interpretation of sustainable procurement that includes not just our supply chain, but our highly trained employees. We believe in fair practice in the workplace, offering long term contracts for both employees and suppliers, ensuring that our decisions will be beneficial to all parties concerned.

Our ethical work approach can be seen in our fair employment practices as well as in our environmental and Health and Safety records. We strive on excellence, providing the highest standard of cable jointing work that is carried out with the highest quality of supplies and by only our own trained and employed workforce; it is against our work ethic to temporarily employ “self-employed” individuals. Our adoption of fair employment practices and sustainable procurement policies ensure that we deliver a standard of excellence in our services that is incomparable in service delivery and quality not just in Central Scotland, but nationwide.


Our Company takes responsibility not only for ensuring that we deliver an exceptional standard of work, but also that the work we carry out will have no negative impact on the local community we are working in. We exercise a business model by which we can ensure that members of the local communities where we carry out work will have minimal disruption from our work.

The level of care to our community extends to ensuring our works are in line with strict health and safety policies, and to the fact that we will warn businesses and households well in advance of any disruption that may take place while we are working onsite.

Our care in the community here at Powertek Utilities stretches far beyond the minimal required by law, our company, even at our early stages, being actively involved in sponsorship and charity work. We believe in an ethos of fair trade for all, and this means using only fully trained employees to carry out work that will make communities better and safer places in the long run.

We have in the recent past sponsored events and individuals competing in the Judo as well as the Powertek under 9’s football team. We follow a caring and sharing moto, believing that we can give to local communities and help those less fortunate than ourselves to strive; this can also be seen within our equal opportunities work policy and the extensive training we give to individuals who wish to start a career with our company.

We see each project that we work on as a unique way to integrate within a local community, finding opportunities to help local communities through charity and sponsorship, as well as giving local residents the chance to establish a career with us here at Powertek Utilities. When we start a new project, we see it as a way of extending a warm welcome to the local community, giving the residents the necessary care and consideration they need by informing them about the work we will be carrying out, and by enabling them to benefit from far more than just the introduction of electrical work in their local area.


Our Accreditations And Policies  Ensure Our Work Is Of High Standard